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Secrets of a Wealthy Royal Family Revealed in Lawsuit: Alleged Drugs, Hookers and Murder Plots


While in residence at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, a member of the Qatar royal family spent his time getting high, consorting with hookers and concocting murder plots, according to a lawsuit filed against Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani in federal court by two Americans who worked for him. The sheikh is the brother of the emir of Qatar, who rules the country.

“He thinks he’s a thug who’s beyond reproach, and can go after and do whatever he wants,” said Matthew Pittard, a military veteran, who worked for the sheikh as head of security, and appeared on the Law and Crime Network program Brian Ross Investigates.

The sheikh, who gained notoriety for drag racing in his Ferrari through the streets of Beverly Hills in 2015, spent huge sums on drugs and prostitutes while living at the Beverly Wilshire and nearly died from a drug overdose, the lawsuit alleges.

“He had stopped breathing, his eyes rolled in the back of his head,” said Matthew Allende, a paramedic who is the other American suing the sheikh. He says he was hired to be on duty 24/7 in case there were other overdoses.

According to the lawsuit, the sheikh twice asked his security chief to assassinate two individuals he thought were going to betray the sordid secrets of his life, including “compromising photos of the sheikh at one of his parties.”

The two Americans also say the sheikh was helping to harbor a fugitive from U.S. Justice: Mustapha Atat, wanted by the FBI on a 2001 murder charge in Detroit. Allende says he has videos of Atat working with the sheikh on his fleet of racing cars in Qatar.

“Every single time we go to the racetrack, he was there, always either on the drag strip or communicating with the sheikh,” Allende told Brian Ross.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department says the warrant for Atat remains active and that the FBI is handling the case.

Repeated requests for comment sent to the Qatar embassy in Washington, DC went unanswered.

In the lawsuit, the two Americans allege the sheikh held them captive in his palace when they tried to leave his employment.

Pittard says he threatened to kill him for being disloyal. “He called me on the phone and basically said you backstabbing piece of s—. I’m going to f—ing kill you, bury you in the desert and kill your family.”

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