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Report: DNC Told The FBI That Their Offices Had Been Bugged


Democratic National Committee DNC headquarters (Shutterstock) The 2016 election may have just turned into the modern Watergate scandal.

In an article at Mother JonesDavid Corn reports that according to “two Democratic National Committee officials who asked not to be named,” an electronic sweep of their offices in the last couple weeks revealed some kind of listening device. According to one of the article’s sources, the security company worker who did the sweep told the DNC that they “had a strong indication” that the device was capable of “pick[ing] up calls from cell phones.” Subsequently, the report says that the DNC reported the intrusion to the FBI.

Apparently, this was the second of two recent sweeps. The first came in September as a response to Russian forces hacking into the DNC’s computer servers. That one came up empty, but the second sweep, the one that allegedly found the bug, was ordered after right wing activist James O’Keefe released various hidden camera videos going after Democrats. Some of O’Keefe’s operatives volunteered to work in DNC phone banks and the like, so there was concern that other Republican interests may have “infiltrated the DNC offices”

The DNC released this statement:

The DNC is not going to comment on stories about its security. In all security matters, we cooperate fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and take all necessary steps to protect the committee and the safety and security of our staff.

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