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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Goes a Lil Nuts Making Fun of Giuliani’s Cryptic Tweet


If we we may say so, conservative lawyer George Conway got carried away late Sunday afternoon with ribbing Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani‘s cryptic “You” tweet. Like a like of people, the post caught his attention.

Here’s Conway’s original response from earlier Sunday.

Someone ended up having too much fun after another twitter user suggested the hashtag #RudySongs.

By our count, Conway ended up re- or quote tweeting over a dozen other posts featuring the hashtag. Here’s a sample.

As well as Conway’s apparent favorite:

He doesn’t like the Trump administration. We are clear on this, yes? He is quite free sharing this information, despite his wife Kellyanne Conway serving as one of its most stalwart spokespeople. After being considered for top jobs in the Justice Department, he ended up casting shade through a considerable number of retweets, and sometimes overt criticism. What did he complain and troll about? Take your pick. President Donald Trump‘s relationship with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Mueller probe, the raid on Michael Cohen, etc, etc, etc. In May, Conway seemed to rebut Giuliani’s defense of the president in the Stormy Daniels payment.

At least for once, his retweets this afternoon are in the territory of ribbing as opposed to ringing alarm bells about his wife’s boss.

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