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House Intel Committee Got Their Hands on Recordings from Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas, Report Says


Lev Parnas, a federal criminal defendant and associate of lawyer Rudy Giuliani, gave the House Intelligence Committee audio, recordings, video recordings, and pictures for them to review, according to sources in an ABC News report. These feature Giuliani and President Donald Trump. It remains to be seen if this material will play an important role in any ongoing or potential legal matter. The committee is reportedly still looking through the material.

Parnas pleaded not guilty last month to charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States; statements or entries generally (false statements); destruction, alteration or falsification of records in federal investigations (falsifications of records).

Federal authorities are reportedly also looking into whether he, co-defendant Igor Fruman, and Giuliani were illegally using their political connections to get contracts with the Ukrainian state-owned oil and gas company Naftogaz.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff simply told ABC that they subpoenaed Parnas and Fruman.

“We would like them to fully comply with those subpoenas,” he said. A committee spokesperson said they wouldn’t comment beyond this.

A lawyer for Parnas declined to comment, simply pointing toward a statement released earlier Sunday.

“Mr. Parnas has vociferously and publicly asserted his wish to comply with his previously issued subpoena and to provide the House Intelligence Committee with truthful and important information that is in furtherance of justice, not to obstruct it,” Parnas attorney Joseph A. Bondy said. “His evidence and potential testimony is non-partisan, and not intended to be part of a battle between the left and the right, but rather an aid in the determination by our government of what is in the best interests of our nation.”

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