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Fmr Fed Prosecutor Says He Could Win Criminal Case Against Donald Trump Jr.


A former federal prosecutor said on Sunday that he could win a criminal case against Donald Trump Jr. if he was back at the Department of Justice.

“You know, the other instances with regard to Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee,” said Georgetown Law School professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler on AM Joy. “Joy, I think there’s compelling evidence according to the Democrats who heard his testimony that he lied. I was a public corruption prosecutor for the Department of Justice. I could get a jury to convict based on what’s in the public record. If Donald Trump Jr. said that the conversations about Trump Tower Moscow ended January 2016. That’s a lie. If Donald Trump Jr. said that the meeting with the Russian lawyer was about adoptions. That’s a lie.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report regarding Russian election interference in the 2016 presidential election to U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Friday. President Donald Trump and his allies met the news with some cheer when it became clear that Mueller wouldn’t seek any more indictments in the case.

The contents of the Mueller report remain unclear, however. Butler on Sunday described the prosecutor as being cautious, and only bringing “slam dunk” cases. The question is what kind of evidence would exist against Trump’s children.

“The refrain is that you only go after the king if you can bring him down,” Butler said. “That may apply to the king’s children as well.”

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