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Corey Lewandowski Refuses to Say If John Kelly Grabbed Him by Collar


Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski refused to say whether White House Chief of Staff John Kelly grabbed during an alleged physical confrontation in February.

“I don’t want to get into what John may or may not have done, but what I do think is he understands that my position is to support the president, and the president’s agenda all the time,” Lewandowski said on Fox News Sunday.

He downplayed the story from The New York Times, in which half a dozen claimed the two got into a serious confrontation. The outlet construed it as “near brawl.” Kelly was reportedly complaining to President Donald Trump about Lewandowski making money off a contract with a super PAC backing the president’s re-election. The chief of staff was also angry that Lewandowski was criticizing him for his reported handling of the dispute over the security clearance of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter (who left the administration after his ex-wives said he abused them).

That said, Kelly reportedly called for someone to kick Lewandowski out of the White House, and he allegedly grabbed him by the collar and tried to shove him to a wall. Secret Service agents responded to the incident.

“Well, the secret service didn’t break anything up,” Lewandowski said Sunday. “John and I had a very candid discussion, as he probably has many times with the president.”

[Screengrab via Fox News]

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