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Chuck Woolery Asks What Founders Would’ve Thought Of Mueller, and Twitter Does Not Disappoint.


Former game-show host and catheter-promoter  Chuck Woolery is at it again. This time, he’s asking questions with a historical edge.

As has become the usual case, Woolery’s tweets were met in equal parts scorn and ridicule.

Woolery didn’t stop with just his hypothetical, either.  He engaged further with former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti:

Mariotti, a graduate of Yale Law School and former appellate court clerk, has been outspoken about the integrity and professionalism of the Mueller investigation.

USC Gould School of Law Professor  and cybercrime expert Orin Kerr took Woolery’s inquiry one step farther, patiently educating the former Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection host about that which the framers had actually been concerned. Kerr penned a series of educational tweets explaining that the electoral college had been a framers’ defense against foreign election interference.

Looks like that go-to conservative move — invoke the founding fathers and assume it’ll support your position — didn’t work out so well for Woolery this time.

Oh well. Strictly speaking though,  this twitter user’s response to Chuck’s question was probably more accurate than any legal expert might have predicted:

[image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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