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MSNBC Host Cites Wrong Law to Attack White House Tweets


Monday’s Twitter war between the White House and Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris spun off into a side battle after MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell tried to get involved. The White House criticized the Dems for opposing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and tweeted press releases from ICE’s website that touted successful operations against gangs and trafficking operations. The White House’s tweets accused the Senators of supporting such illegal activities.

Mitchell tried to cite federal law to show that the White House shouldn’t be engaging in such behavior. In one tweet, she said it “raises questions of law and ethics.” In the next, she cited a federal statute in order to show the potential illegality.

The problem, however, was that the statute she named, 31 U.S.C. 1352(a), has nothing to do with this, and doesn’t even include the language she quoted.

Conservative Twitter had a field day.

The haters got support from a surprising source Tuesday morning. The commotion ended up getting the attention of Walter Shaub, former director of the Office of Government Ethics. Shaub, who is by no means a fan of the current administration, confirmed that Mitchell was totally off with her citation. Not only did Shaub point out that the language Mitchell quoted didn’t match the law she cited, he added that even the correct law didn’t apply didn’t mean anything in this situation.

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