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Watch: Nathan Carman Represents Himself in Court


Nathan Carman of Vermont has raised eyebrows by representing himself in court after being sued by his aunts to prevent him from inheriting any of the family wealth.

The lawsuits follow the 2013 death of his grandfather John Chakalos and the 2016 disappearance of his mother Linda Carman. Chakalos was killed while he slept and his mother disappearance at sea. Nathan Carman was there that day and he was found days after the boat he was on with his mother sank.

Carman was 22 at the time.

Years later, Chakalos’ three daughters are tying to prevent their nephew from inheriting any of his grandfather’s money. They believe Carman is involved in both his grandfather’s death and mother’s disappearance.

The judge on Monday said he wanted to make sure Carman understood even though he’s representing himself he would be treated the same way as any attorney.

“I understand that fully,” Carman responded.

[Image via WMUR screengrab]

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