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WATCH: Adrian Loya Murder Trial Day 2


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The trial of Adrian Loya continues this morning. Loya, a former Coast Guard member, is accused of shooting Lisa Trubnikova and her wife Anna Trubnikova on February 5, 2015, killing Lisa and injuring Anna. Both were also members of the Coast Guard. Loya is also charged for shooting and injuring Police Officer Jared MacDonald, who responded to the scene.

Loya allegedly broke into the couple’s Massachusetts home armed with multiple guns before opening fire on them, with a video camera strapped to his body to record the carnage.

According to police, Loya wrote a 250-page manifesto detailing why he wanted to kill Lisa. Her family has said Loya had been obsessed with Lisa since they were stationed together.

Loya’s defense has claimed that he should not be held responsible because he suffers from mental illness. He was previously examined by a psychiatrist and deemed competent to stand trial, but his defense team had him evaluated by a private psychiatrist as well.

On Tuesday, both sides gave relatively brief opening statements. The prosecution claimed that Loya set his own car on fire near the Trubnikovas’ home to block police from responding. They also said that Lisa’s death was planned months in advance as a “revenge killing” for a sexual assault Loya experienced while stationed with her in Alaska. The defense discussed Loya’s mental condition, saying he is on the autism spectrum.

Three witnesses then took the stand. First was Officer Joshua Parsons, who arrested Loya. Parsons talked about items he recovered from the scene, including knives, gun magazines, camouflage pants, military boots, and smoke grenades, which were in the pants pockets. Parsons said that when he made the arrest, Loya was “overly calm.”

Next was a neighbor of the couple, Jameson C. Cormay, who said after he heard the car on fire he called 911 and recorded video of the scene. He recalled hearing gunshots and a woman screaming. Cormay also said he heard heavy metal music, followed by symphony music, which is in line with police reports of Loya having a boombox at the scene with “battle music.”

Last for the day was William P. Qualls, head of the state police bomb squad. Loya had allegedly planted fake bombs around the Trubnikova’s home, and Qualls was responsible for determining whether or not they were real. Qualls is expected to continue his testimony on Wednesday.

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