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This Was Todd Mullis’s Best Attempt to Explain Away Shady Web Searches on His iPad


Murder defendant Todd Mullis testified Thursday in his trial over the death of his wife Amy Mullis. As may be expected, he denied ambushing her, but he also attempted to explain away the apparently incriminating web searches linked to his personal iPad and Google account. Other people, including his spouse, used it, and there were innocent explanations for them, according to this direct examination.

The victim was found fatally stabbed with a corn rake at the family farm on November 10, 2018. The story is that Amy Mullis had had an affair some years before. The couple reconciled, but problems reemerged when she had another extramarital relationship. According to authorities, Amy Mullis told friends and family she feared what her husband might do to her.

The defense is trying to show that Todd Mullis was committed to the relationship, but prosecutors are showing that he stewed over problems for months.

According to testimony, web searches linked to Todd Mullis’s iPad showed searched for “killing unfaithful women,” “crimes of passion,” and “what happens to cheaters in history.”

Mullis testified, however, that other people occasionally used the iPad. Amy had the password, and used it for bills and price quotes, he said. He acknowledged that it was possible she might have used it for personal items. Todd Mullis denied doing searches such as the one regarding cheating spouses. He claimed not to know who did. Under direct examination, he said they might have discussed that topic if there was a movie. Mullis also said he and his wife often watched the History Channel, and this would often result in web searches. Subject matter included Native Americans.

Another shady search came on November 6, 2018, several days before Amy Mullis’s death. This was the day she had a medical procedure. Their daughter had a medical question, so he thought it was easier if he just showed her on the laptop, he said.

All told, the defense is trying to show that the apparently incriminating searches have innocent explanations.

Mullis also denied searching for wedding dresses on July 22, 2018. There was also a January 21, 2018 search for discreetly doing DNA testing without consent, and how to do a DNA test without the father knowing. The defendant denied making such searches, and he said he never discussed it with his wife.

Cross examination is scheduled to start Friday morning. The defense says that Amy Mullis was murdered, but that their client didn’t do it.

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