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WATCH LIVE: Tex McIver Murder Trial Day 19


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The murder trial of Claud ‘Tex’ McIver continues in a Georgia courtroom on Thursday. McIver is facing allegations that he intentionally killed his wife Diane McIver on Sept. 25, 2016. Tex McIver admitted that he shot Diane, but insists it was nothing more than an accident.

McIver claims that he was holding a gun for protection while he was sitting in the backseat of a car as he rode with Diane as a friend of theirs was driving through a suspicious neighborhood that he was not familiar with. Diane was seated in the front passenger seat. The defense claims that Tex had fallen asleep, only to wake up suddenly and fire the weapon by accident. This resulted in Diane getting shot through the back of her seat.

Testimony from earlier in trial indicated that before she died, Diane McIver said it was an accident.

One theory that the prosecution had been using was that McIver may have been having an affair with a massage therapist who provided services for him and his wife. On Thursday, the defense called the massage therapist, Annie Anderson, to the stand. McIver’s defense attorney asked her straight up if she had ever had touched McIver sexually, or vice-versa.

“Never,” she answered.

The defense may rest their case on Friday, but they may extend until Monday. The prosecution said they then intend to present a brief rebuttal before the two sides present closing arguments.

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