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Roy Coons Found Guilty in Murder of 12-Year-Old Yhoana Arteaga


A jury in Davidson County, Tennessee found Roy Donald Coons Jr. guilty in the 2017 death of 12-year-old neighbor Yhoana Arteaga. Prosecutors said he strangled her to death. The victim’s family found her dead.

Sentencing in this case is set for September 13.

Defense lawyer David Hopkins attempted to show in closing arguments Monday that the scene lacked fingerprint evidence, and that his client didn’t mislead police about his whereabouts the day Yhoana died.

Partial DNA evidence was found on the victim’s body and in the trailer, but Coons’ father testified that they visited Arteaga’s family trailer many times.

In a bid to explain the inconsistent DNA evidence, Assistant District Attorney Pam Anderson said that Coons wore gloves when he killed Arteaga. She highlighted this by pulling out the murder weapon–the victim’s yellow taeknowndo belt–and pointed out that Yhoana’s mother didn’t leave DNA behind on the belt after untying it.

Coons did not testify.

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