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Watch Live: Qiu “Joe” Ke on Trial After Admitting Killing Neighbor


Qiu Feng Ke, 62, stands trial in Pasco County, Florida for the murder of neighbor Edward Lee Tudor, 37.

Ke acknowledged the deed in a jailhouse interview with ABC Action News in January of last year.

Ke said he killed Tudor over a neighborly feud going back two years.

“I think he’s evil, that’s what I think,” he told the outlet.

The defendant alleged that his late neighbor was noisy–pounding on the walls, playing the TV loud, and yelling curse words.

“I couldn’t let this thing go away because I don’t want him to get his way,” said the defendant. “The bullying thing, I don’t want him to win, to get his way.”

He said he had planned to kill himself after the murder, but didn’t go through with it.

Ke admitted to deputies that he killed Tudor, according to the criminal complaint affidavit obtained by Law&Crime. The defendant claimed he entered Tudor’s home, and shot the unarmed victim once, deputies say. The 37-year-old went outside, but Ke fired several more shots on the front lawn, according to this account. These shots were fatal.

Ke’s surveillance footage and witness accounts confirmed that the suspect shot Tudor, deputies said.

Deputies say that according to the defendant, Tudor never threatened or tried to harm him. Ke also claimed that he planned on killing another person at the residence, but he determined that this individual wasn’t there at the time, according to the affidavit.

The defendant allegedly admitted shooting Tudor in the head to “end it,” saying if the victim lived, the dispute would have kept going, and, in the document’s words, “the victim would have laughed at him.”

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