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Markeith Loyd Murder Trial in Death of Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Sade Dixon


The defendant was convicted on all charges. Learn more here.


Markeith Demangzlo Loyd, 44, stands trial in Orange County, Florida in the shooting death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, 24. He faces charges including first-degree murder, killing of an unborn child by injury to the mother, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The victim’s brother tried to protect her, but Loyd attempted to kill him too, prosecutors said.

Loyd allegedly shot Dixon outside her home on December 13, 2016. This started a manhunt and even more tragedy. Police say the defendant murdered Lt. Debra Clayton outside a Walmart in January 9, 2017. That same day, Orange County motorcycle deputy Norm Lewis was killed in a traffic accident during the ensuing search for Loyd. A driver pleaded no contest to failing to yield during a left-hand turn.

Loyd is set to separately stand trial over Clayton’s death in May 2020.

A medical examiner determined that Loyd shot her eight times.

The defendant at first adamantly insisted on representing himself in court.

“Ya’ll making up shit, like I just went in there and shot this girl,” he said in his first court appearance. Loyd alleged a gun was pulled on him during the incident.

He alleged police acted improperly when they beat him up and caused him to lose his left eye. Loyd said he wasn’t resisting arrest, but crawled out to officers. (The incident can be seen in the footage below.)

A state attorney determined that police were justified in this use of force. Loyd eventually relented on the lawyer issue and is now being represented by attorneys.

[Mugshot via Orange County]

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