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Defense Lawyer Blames Media for Painting Accused Murderer Markeith Loyd as a ‘Monster’


An attorney for Markeith Loyd, 44, criticized media coverage of his client during opening statements on Friday. Lawyer Terence Lenamon argued that reporters were “distorting the truth on this black man, making him to be a monster” while the defendant was being pursued in the shooting death of girlfriend Sade Dixon, 24.

According to the attorney, the defendant reached out to a cousin, and told this person to let the police and the press know that he’d turn himself in if they told the truth about a gun wielded by Dixon at the scene. An investigator had not released the information about this firearm, Lenamon said.

While the defense said that Loyd fatally shot Dixon and injured her brother, Lenamon is attempting to show that Loyd shouldn’t be convicted as charged. The pair had had significant relationship issues, including Dixon’s mother having a problem with their significant age difference, the defense said. Things came to a head after Loyd went to a strip club and the victim said he would never see their child, according to the defense.

Lenamon said Dixon confronted Loyd with a gun from a lockbox, but the cartridge wasn’t even in it. The attorney suggested she didn’t even know how to use it. In any case, she eventually dropped the gun during the confrontation, the attorney said.

Dixon’s brother checked out the scene on hearing the argument, according to the defense. He attempted to deescalate the situation. Lenamon is apparently suggesting that Dixon instigated the final, fatal confrontation by saying that her brother could beat up Loyd.

The prosecutor told jurors that Loyd committed a murder. Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway said the defendant was “determined” to kill Dixon that day.

Loyd is set to stand trial in starting in May 2020 for the alleged murder of Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton. Officers said he killed her when she tried to apprehend him for killing Dixon.

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