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‘Helpless, Hopeless Feeling’: Mother of Murder Victim Dylan Redwine Responds to Mistrial


The mother of slain 13-year-old Dylan Redwine voiced a feeling of hopelessness upon learning that the murder trial of her former husband Mark Redwine, 58, was delayed because of a mistrial.

“It makes me feel as victimized as I did in 2012 when Dylan went missing,” Elaine Hall said, according to CBS4. “I feel more helpless now than I did then. At least then I was searching. We were doing something. And now I can’t do anything. And it’s a very helpless, hopeless feeling.”

Now Hall must wait longer to learn if there will be justice in her son’s disappearance and death. The case has already gone on for the greater part of a decade; Dylan went missing in 2012, while on a court-ordered visit to his father, Mark Redwine. Some of the victim’s remains were found in 2013; his skull was discovered in 2015. Both discoveries were just miles from where the defendant lived.

If Dylan’s father committed the crime, then a possible motive in the case can be traced to lurid photographs.

“I have seen the photos,” said Dylan’s brother Cory Redwine, according to Denver 7. “It shows [Mark Redwine] wearing women’s clothes and makeup and a diaper and then eating his feces from the diaper. It was disgusting. We couldn’t believe it.”

Mark Redwine is on trial for a count each of second-degree murder and child abuse. He has denied wrongdoing.

“I’ve lost my best friend,” Mark Redwine told The Denver Post in 2015, when there were no charges in the case, months before the discovery of the victim’s skull. “Dylan was my best friend. I’ve chosen to honor my son’s life by living in such a way that my son would be proud of.”

Monday’s mistrial happened after the defense said members of their team showed symptoms of COVID-19. Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne asserted that one of the public defenders was allegedly seen during the weekend maskless while cleaning a car with another person.

He suggested that the defense was trying to delay the trial on purpose. The public defender in question, John Moran, responded to the claim with outrage. In any case, Sixth Judicial Chief Judge Jeffrey Raymond Wilson ended the proceedings even though jury selection was underway.

[Image via CBS 4 screengrab]

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