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Watch: Kody Lott Murder Trial


[Watch live streaming coverage of the trial when court is in session.]

Texas man Kody Lott is on trial for murder and aggravated assault for the shooting of 13-year-olds Lauren Landavazo and Makalya Smith, which took place on September 2, 2016. Authorities say Lott admitted to the attack, from which Landavazo died and Smith was injured. The girls were walking home from their middle school at the time.

In March of this year, Lott was found to be incompetent to stand trial after a mental evaluation. Lott’s father has said Lott suffers from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Her allegedly told admitted to police that he shot the girls, and took issue with reports that the attack was “senseless,” telling officers that he had thought it out and planned the shooting with the devil.

Lott, who was 20 at the time, allegedly said he was attracted to Landavazo and didn’t like that she had a boyfriend.

Lott received treatment and was later reevaluated and found to be competent for trial. His legal team is reportedly planning on utilizing an insanity defense. He faces up to life in prison, which local lawmakers don’t think is enough.

State Rep. James Frank (R) introduced legislation known as “Lauren’s Law” last year in response to Landavazo’s death. If passed, that law would allow the death penalty in first-degree murder cases where the victim is younger than 15.

[Image via Wichita County Sheriff’s Office]

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