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Jane Doe 3 Testifies That She Didn’t See Kellen’s Winslow II’s Face, Only His Tattoos


Jane Doe 3 took the stand Thursdayin the Kellen Winslow II rape and sexual misconduct trial and testified that she didn’t see the defendant’s face, only his tattoos.

Winslow, a former tight end in the NFL, is on trial in California for allegations involving five women. Prosecutors said he raped three women and victimized two others with lewd acts during unrelated incidents dating back to 2003. Jane Doe 3 claimed that the defendant took his pants off and his exposed his penis to her while she was cutting flowers in front of her house.

The defense is trying to argue that the alleged rapes were just consensual sex. Winslow admittedly cheated on his wife, but did nothing illegal, said lawyer Brian Watkins in opening statements. The defense is also trying to show that the other incidents didn’t happen, at least as alleged.

Under cross-examination, the woman described the suspect as being a few inches taller than her.

Law&Crime Network analyst Elura Nanos said that the defense would try to show that Jane Doe 3 didn’t really know who exposed himself to her that day. She found this testimony to be strong, however.

“What I’m seeing here is really the perfect, most credible witness because what we have is the body-cam video. She’s more agitated, she’s more emotional,” said Nanos. “Which is what we would expect because it happened right at the time that this crime happened. But the significant details–what happened, how it happened, how she knew it was this guy, what she observed, what she didn’t observe–all of those things are entirely consistent with what she said today in court.”

Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 testified earlier this week. They claimed Winslow raped them in unrelated incidents. Like Jane Doe 3, they were in their 50s. Jane Doe 1, however, was told to identify the defendant in a preliminary hearing last year. She instead pointed out at Winslow’s lawyer, Brian Watkins.

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