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Juror Accused of Sleeping During Testimony About Alleged Murder of 2-Year-Old


There’s a famous scene in The Simpsons when Homer serves on the jury in an assault case, and tries to get away with sleeping during court by wearing fake glasses with painted-on eyes. A similar real-life scene in Georgia was almost as absurd. One of the jurors was accused of dozing off in the middle of the Rosenbaum murder trial.

He denied the claim, but it was agreed that officials will keep an eye on him as court continues.

Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum stand trial in the alleged murder of their 2-year-old foster daughter Laila Marie Daniel.

Jennifer Rosenbaum made a 911 call saying her daughter was choking on chicken. But it’s alleged that she lied. Laila was beaten to death, said the prosecution.

Laila had a rough life. Her mother dealt with a drug addiction, while her father was in and out of jail, according to the state. Jennifer Rosenbaum, a law school student and intern at the Henry County District Attorney’s Office, offered to take care of Laila and her sister.

Wednesday was the first day of trial, and it got off to an awkward start almost immediately because of the juror’s alleged behavior. The judge acknowledged seeing this man with his eyes closed and head turned down, but said that people listen differently than others. Prosecutors said that, as the others were leaving for a break, the juror was still sitting with his eyes closed, head down, and had to be woken up.

The state suggested that if this behavior continued, then an alternate juror should replace him.

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