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Watch: Gloria Allred Announces New Lawsuit on Behalf of Alleged Epstein Victim


Lawyer Gloria Allred announced a new lawsuit against the estate of convicted abuser Jeffrey Epstein. She and her client will discuss the case in a press conference scheduled for Monday at 2:30 p.m. ET / 11:30 a.m. PT. You can watch it in the player above.

From a press statement provided to Law&Crime:

The victim has never spoken in public prior to this news conference. She did, however, provide a Victim Impact statement in Federal court in New York in August 2019, when the judge invited victims to court to provide their statements after the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein’s death has left behind as much controversy as he life did. The ultrawealthy financier was sentenced in state over a “prostitution” case. Investigators found dozens of underage girls who may have been abused, but charges and actual time in jail (much of it in a cozy work release program) didn’t match the scrope of his alleged crimes. He infamously reached a non-prosecution agreement with then-US Attorney Alexander Acosta in exchange for pleading guilty in state court.

Epstein was newly charged in a federal sex trafficking case last July in New York. Again, authorities argued that he abused dozens of girls. The defendant was found dead while jailed in August. Officials determined this was a suicide, but the fact that his injuries were more consistent with homicide launched a fair share of conspiracy theories.

Whatever the case, the matter remains that the full scope of his alleged crimes remains unadjudicated in any court. Lawsuits against his estate and alleged accomplices aim to change that, if only on the basis on an alleged-victim-by-alleged-victim.

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