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Murder Defendant Henry Segura Admits Cheating Was His ‘Drug of Choice’


Murder defendant Henry Segura admitted on Wednesday that he repeatedly cheated on his wife.

“Most people smoke crack, or do heroin,” Segura said, calling cheating his “drug of choice.” He added, “I don’t smoke, do any drugs. That was my drug of choice. I’m not proud of it, but that’s what I did.”

Murder victim Brandi Peters, 27, was one of the women with whom Segura had an affair. Segura insists he didn’t murder her or her three children: their 3-year-old son JaVante Segura, and Tamiyah and Taniyah Peters, the victim’s twin 6-year-old daughters who were not Segura’s kids. Authorities are arguing that Henry Segura killed them all because he owed Brandi Peters more than $20,000 in child support to care for JaVante.

$20,000 is no small amount of change, but the defendant downplayed it during direct examination on Wednesday. Segura testified that Brandi Peters claimed the boy wasn’t his. He signed a paper to put himself on the child support system instead of informally supporting her with cash money, he said. He participated in, and funded JaVante’s care from the day the child was born, however, according to his testimony. Sergura claimed he had receipts to show that he was financially supporting his son from birth, and was confident he could get the court to reduce the full judgment against him. Peters and her children were murdered before he had a chance to go to court, he said.

Segura already had a daughter from an extramarital affair, and was paying child support for her, he said. He testified that after that initial experience, he understood that he only had to pay over a certain threshold in order to avoid getting arrested or having his driver’s license suspended.

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