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Jury Sees Brooke Skylar Richardson’s Harrowing Confession in Death of Daughter Annabelle (VIDEO)


Jurors in Warren County, Ohio saw confession video on Monday in which murder defendant Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20, admitted to possibly playing a role in the death of her newborn daughter Annabelle. She suggested to investigators that she may have squeezed the girl too hard.

Richardson, then 18, allegedly discovered she was pregnant just over a week before giving birth. She lied to her mom about it, and tried to hide it, prosecutors said. She gave birth just a couple of days after prom, and secretly buried the baby’s remains in her family’s backyard. The defendant had a doctor’s appointment the month after, and the doctor reported what happened to police.

The defense said that the baby was stillborn. The prosecution conveyed Richardson as self-absorbed, and said she tried to burn the baby’s body.

As seen on video, the investigators tried to leverage the baby’s body against the defendant. The male detective told her that they couldn’t return the body yet because the investigation was ongoing.

“I feel like you have the ability to give us the truth so quickly to solve those questions,” he said.

They confronted her with the allegation that she tried to cremate the baby.

Under questioning, Richardson said she lit the baby on fire.

What will Richardson’s attorneys do to undermine this apparent admission? Defense lawyer and Law&Crime Network host Linda Kenney Baden, who is unaffiliated with the case, suggested the possibility of a false confession.

At the time of the confession, a doctor said that Annabelle’s bones appeared to be burnt, but she later walked back that claim. Under cross-examination, a forensic pathologist for the prosecution testified Friday that the autopsy didn’t establish if Annabelle was born alive or not.

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