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Erica Stefanko Guilty of Helping Murder Her Ex-Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend


Erica Stefanko

Ohio woman Erica Stefanko, 37, has been convicted in the 2012 murder of Ashley Nicole Biggs, 25. Prosecutors said she called in an order to Domino’s, thereby luring the victim—an Army vet and pizza delivery driver—to a closed business where Chad Cobb personally committed the attack.

Jurors found her guilty of aggravated murder, and murder. They did acquit her of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and a count each of aggravated murder, and murder in connection to the kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges.

This case is a tangled web. Biggs and Cobb had a daughter together. They split. Cobb wound up with Stefanko, but he had a custody dispute with the victim. This custody dispute is the alleged motive behind the murder.

Cobb already confessed to the slaying years ago. He dodged the death penalty by pleading guilty to charges including aggravated murder. This self-professed killer had no deal to testify against anyone, nor did he implicate Stefanko back then. What changed? For starters, Erica Stefanko ended up marrying Cobb’s friend.

Prosecutors said that a secretly recorded phone conversation between defendant Stefanko and Cobb’s mother shows the defendant admitting she willingly participated in making the pizza delivery call.

According to authorities, she helped Cobb plan the murder, drove him to the crime scene, and worked with him to hide the evidence.

The daughter of Cobb and Biggs—identified in court as “G.C.,” because she is a juvenile—also testified about events that happened when she was seven. Like her father, she claimed to hear Stefanko make the pizza delivery call, but details of their stories contradicted each other.

The defense worked on undermining Cobb’s credibility as a witness, asserting that he only testified against his ex-wife out of revenge after she left him for his friend. Erica Stefanko is not a killer, they said. Instead, they maintain she’s a “scapegoat” in Cobb’s attempt to get out prison. They also said that a Domino’s manager who worked with Biggs simply described the fateful caller only as a woman.

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Perhaps no one wanted the defendant to take the stand more than Stefanko did. She was initially expected to testify on Friday, but eventually walked back the decision after a somewhat lengthy discussion with her attorney while court was in recess.

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