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Anthony Pardon Stands Trial for Allegedly Murdering Rachael Anderson


Anthony Pardon, 54, stands trial in Columbus, Ohio for allegedly killing Rachael Anderson, 24. He faces a slew of charges, including aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, rape, and aggravated robbery.

Prosecutors say the defendant strangled and stabbed the victim to death. Anderson stained injuries to the neck, head, torso, arms, wrists, and ankles, authorities said. She was last seen alive on her birthday, January 28, 2018.

The state is expected to use DNA, cell phone data, and surveillance footage against Pardon. Investigators said he had her debit card.

Pardon was set to serve as his own attorney at trial, but he walked back that decision.

In a letter to the court, he previously complained about his attorneys, saying that he was told there’s no chance he could win because “this is a white man’s city. They are not going to let you get off with killing that white woman.” The defendant is black. Anderson was white.

In his letter, the defendant said his lawyers told him the best they could do is try to keep him off death row.

Nonetheless, Pardon wrote a letter in December to WBNS. He insisted that he really did know her and that he was in her apartment getting high with her. The defendant insisted on his innocence. Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien said there’s no evidence Pardon and Anderson knew each other.

The defendant’s criminal history of adjudicated, violent, sexual crimes dates back even to his teens.

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