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Watch: Murder and Dismemberment Trial of Andrew Fiacco


The wheels of justice continue to turn in Michigan at the Macomb County Circuit Court, where Andrew Fiacco, 21, faces charges of first-degree murder and dismemberment of Stephen McAfee, who was 19 at the time of his disappearance and death in March 2016. Fiacco and McAfee had gone to school together since they were 5.

The trial began on Jan. 16. According to the Macomb Daily, the county medical examiner was expected to testify either today or tomorrow.

Fiacco’s then-girlfriend Eevette MacDonald also faces charges of accessory after the fact, dismemberment of a body and lying to police officers. It was MacDonald who allegedly told a friend about McAfee’s killing and that friend then went to police with the information.

Police said that MacDonald admitted her role in covering up McAfee’s death and the dismemberment of his body. Authorities said that the information Fiacco gave them matched the information MacDonald offered. Fiacco was arrested in April 2017 and led authorities to police to McAfee’s remains at two separate locations.

She was also expected to testify today or tomorrow.

A video of Fiacco speaking with police was played at trial last Friday, Jan. 25. In it, he claimed that he met McAfee in a field to “sell him pot,” but that McAfee “tackled” him.

“Stephen tackled me, I had a gun, he was on top of me. Got the gun back, and I shot him,” he said. “When I rolled over, it was a fast motion, so I grabbed it [the gun] and pointed it this way and just shot him.”

McAfee was shot in his back and his head.

McAfee’s parents Michael John McAfee and Suzanne McAfee testified at trial that they asked Fiacco what happened to their son and he said that he didn’t know. McAfee’s mother also said  “Stephen told me Andrew raped him.” They also said their son had Asperger Syndrome and was bipolar. Police said Fiacco has autism, and his mother said he has battled mental health issues his whole life.

[Image via Mocomb County police]

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