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WATCH: Kristopher Torgerson Murder Trial Day 6


The murder trial of Kristopher Torgerson continues Monday in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Torgerson is charged in the 2010 death of 22-year-old Stephanie LowThe Wisconsin woman was missing for years before her remains were found in 2014. Torgerson was the one who led authorities to Low’s body in a shallow grave, years after her alleged murder. Torgerson was believed to be at Low’s home looking for drugs, and Low and her boyfriend were known to sell cocaine.

Court met for half a day on Saturday, and three witnesses took the stand. Among them were Yvonne Wadinski, the mother of Torgerson’s girlfriend Andrea Wadinski. Yvonne faced questions regarding a phone call Torgerson placed to her from jail on January 18, 2015, where he said, “I will not plead guilt to intentional homicide. In no point did I intentionally try to rob her, and at no point did I intentionally try and take her life.” Wadinski was also asked about a Jeep she sold to Torgerson. She said she saw him cleaning the vehicle after Low’s disappearance.

Also on Saturday morning, the court heard from Larry Flessert from the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation, and vehicle specialist Lawrence Burzynski. Both were asked to identify the Jeep in security video taken near Low’s apartment the day she disappeared, but neither could do so.

Andrea Wadinski is expected to testify on Monday, according to WSAW.

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