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Man Who Discovered Caylee Anthony’s Body Loses Appeal in Defamation Suit Against Casey Anthony


The man who discovered late 2-year-old Caylee Anthony lost his appeal in a defamation suit against the girl’s mother, acquitted murder defendant Casey Anthony. A court determined that there’s no evidence the respondent told her lawyers to attempt to tie him to the crime.

“In sum, there is no evidence in the record of Anthony affirmatively directing her attorneys to make statements to the media implicating [Roy] Kronk in the crime, nor is there even any evidence that Anthony knew her attorneys were doing so, thought it was wrongful, but contemporaneously failed to act,” U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington, according to Click Orlando.

Casey Anthony’s defense made much ado about Roy Kronk, and him telling his estranged son that he was going to be on television.

“At the time, he told me that he urinated in a ditch, went out and found remains of this little girl,” son Brandon Sparks said.

At trial, attorney Jose Baez slammed the meter reader as “morally bankrupt.”

Kronk’s attorney Howard Marks spoke about the alleged defamation in 2018. He argued that the defense’s strategy was beyond the pale because they admitted that young Caylee died in a pool.

“There was no reason to go ahead and point a finger at my client as the person who committed the murder when they knew all along that their position was that the poor child had died in a swimming pool,” he said.

You can hear the 911 call below.

[Screengrab via CNN]

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