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George Conway Calls GOP Rep. Stefanik ‘Lying Trash,’ Urges Public to Donate to Her Dem Opponent


George Conway seems to have been listening to Marshall Mathers as of late, at least judging by his doubling-down on a war of words against an allegedly slighted and aggrieved GOP congresswoman.

“[Elise Stefanik] is lying trash,” Conway tweeted mid-morning Saturday,” in reference to the GOP congresswoman representing New York’s 21st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. “Please give to her opponent, [Tedra Cobb].”

Conway’s onslaught did not stop there. He later shared a fake photo of Stefanik flipping the bird and deleted the tweet. He then quote-tweeted and responded to the Daily Caller when the website said “the internet lasts forever.”

“And so does the fact that @EliseStefanik brazenly lied to the public, which is much worse than flipping the bird. Care to tell your readers about that?” Conway asked.

“But the fact that she shamelessly and brazenly lied in a ridiculously trashy gaslighting stunt is indisputably real,” he added separately.

Kellyanne Conway‘s husband, a conservative attorney and daily critic of President Donald Trump, poured gasoline on the fire previously ignited after Stefanik intentionally broke impeachment hearing rules in a bid to draw undue attention to herself on Friday.

During former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony, Stefanik repeatedly tried to interject and ask Yovanovitch questions.

Stefanik was repeatedly shut down by House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) when she broke the rules.

“The gentlewoman will suspend,” Schiff said, gaveling Stefanik into silence at first–and then consternation. “You’re not recognized.”

“What is it this time?” Stefanik complained.

The New York Republican later kvetched on Twitter:

As Law&Crime previously reported, George Conway personally took the opportunity to shut Stefanik down as well.

“Nonsense,” he tweeted. “You went to Harvard. You can read. You knew full well that the operative resolution (H.Res. 660) only allowed questioning by the ranking Republican or Republican counsel at that point, and that you’d get your turn later. You pulled a stunt to gaslight the public.”

The GOP rallied around Stefanik. President Trump retweeted several videos of Stefanik’s time before the microphone. As it turns out, however, Stefanik received the second-most amount of time after Ranking Intelligence Committee Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

Attached to Conway’s dismissive tweet was a screenshot of House Resolution 660–which sets out the official and atypical parameters for the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

That resolution is clear on the point of questioning witnesses:

Only the chair and ranking minority member, or [an Intelligence Committee] employee if yielded to by the chair or ranking minority member, may question witnesses during such periods of questioning…

House members usually have five minutes each to address witnesses. The impeachment inquiry, however, sets aside those five-minute blocks of questioning until the tail-end witness testimony.

“At the conclusion of questioning pursuant to this paragraph, the committee shall proceed with questioning under the five-minute rule pursuant to clause 2(j)(2)(A) of rule XI,” the slightly-altered rules note.

Alberto Luperon contributed to this report.

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