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‘You’re Not Going to Say Nothing?’: Grandfather Lashes Out in Court at Son, Who Allegedly Dismembered Infant Granddaughter

Christopher Francisquini

Christopher Francisquini

As an accused murderer in Connecticut briefly appeared in court on Wednesday, someone called out to him in outrage. That person was his father, according to News 12 Connecticut.

“You’re not going to say nothing?” the man told defendant Christopher Francisquini, 31, in obvious distress. “Chris! You’re not going to say nothing? You’re not going to say nothing?”

That’s because Francisquini is charged with murdering his 11-months-old daughter Camilla Francisquini. Police have said that he severed her right arm and disemboweled her. Leaving her dead in the basement of the home they shared with family members, he fled and sparked a manhunt last two-weeks, according to authorities.

So far, defendant Fracisquini has reportedly not said anything in court hearings so far in Waterbury Superior Court, even to answer questions from judges. Wednesday’s appearance was brief, lasting just a minute to formally appoint public defenders to his case.

According to the redacted arrest affidavit reviewed by Law&Crime, cops were called out on Nov. 18 to the home on Millville Avenue. Officers had received a child — Camilla — being dead.

“[A detective] stated that Officers found a small child deceased with numerous stab and knife related wounds as well as part(s) of the child’s body had been separated from the main torso area,” police wrote.

Cops discovered her laying on the floor, several steps from the doorway. Her right arm had been completely severed, and her left arm partially severed though still connected to the shoulder, officers said.

“The severed right arm had smooth cuts into the skin and tissue,” police said. “The bone appeared to be snapped from the shoulder and pulled away from the body. The partially severed left arm had smooth cuts to the skin and tissue.”

She was cut around her belly button, all the way up to her neck. She had been disemboweled, her intestines on the carpet.

A person, whose name is redacted from the affidavit, said that Francisquini blocked her from entering their bedroom and even blocked the doorway. They later went to a PetSmart parking lot.

“As they drove to Waterbury, [redacted] states that Christopher is sweating even though the outside temperature was approximately 35F,” police wrote. “They then drive to PetSmart instead and meet with an unknown male in the parking lot. As [redacted] states, Christopher begins asking her questions that she thinks are strange and out of the norm, such as wearing a dog collar and being led by a leash. Christopher also asks multiple times that she is going to stay with him no matter what. He uses terms and statements and [alludes] to their being together no matter what occurs.”

Francisquini allegedly made other suspicious statements and destroyed her phone.

“As [redacted] states, when she refutes some of Christopher’s questions and tells him no about the wearing of a dog collar, he smashed not only his cell phone but [redacted] cell phone as well,” police wrote.

Police suggested this was to stop her from calling someone for a ride. “Especially after she tells Christopher that she wants to go home to JV #1 [Camilla].

Francisquini also allegedly cut off his GPS monitoring device from a previous case, and also ditched his only credit card. He was reportedly on house arrest after being arrested in November 2021 for an alleged carjacking and also attempted to escape from a detention facility. He was on special parole for a 2012 conviction of first-degree assault.

Police say the defendant abandoned the woman at a PetSmart store and began to flee, going as far as to attempt to sell his father’s car without his dad’s permission.

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