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Woman Charged with Urging Her Lover to Kill Her Pastor Husband Told 911 an Unknown Intruder Did It (AUDIO)


Kristie Evans is a 47-year-old Oklahoma woman charged with conspiring with her lover to murder her pastor husband.  A 911 call indicates that Evans blamed an unknown intruder for the killing.  A recording of the call was obtained by Oklahoma City television station KFOR-TV.

“Someone shot my husband,” a female caller said during the early March 22 call. “He’s in a pool of blood and I heard a loud pop.”

The caller said victim David Evans, 50, was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. As heard on audio, the caller — identified as defendant Kristie Evans — said she did not see a gun.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says Kristie was lying. Investigators soon settled on the wife and Kahlil Deamie Square, 26, as suspects.

OSBI Captain Beth Green said the defendants and Pastor Evans had a “sexual relationship.”

“Kristie and Kahlil also had a separate sexual relationship, just the two of them,” she said, according to KFOR.

This alleged separate fling allegedly ended with murder. Authorities say Kristie Evans confessed that she wanted her husband dead because he was psychologically abusive and controlling.

Kristie allegedly gave Square her husband’s gun and some bullets. The 26-year-old allegedly entered the home through the backdoor, which the wife left unlocked. Kristie Evans allegedly urged Square one more time to commit the killing. Square then entered the bedroom and killed David Evans, authorities allege.

Both defendants are charged with first-degree murder.

[Mugshot via Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation]

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