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Video Shows Mother Stopping Man from Running Off with Her 5-Year-Old: Police


Police are looking for two men wanted over the alleged abduction of a 5-year-old boy. As seen on video, an individual in a white shirt grabbed a young child from off the street and forced him into a sedan. But as cops described, the boy’s mother was able to save him before the vehicle fled.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, my kids, oh my God, my boy,” mother Dolores Diaz Lopez told WABC. She and her children were going to visit her husband at work when the man grabbed her young son, Lopez said. In her account, her son was in the back seat, but she and her children pleaded for his return, and she managed to grab him when he stood.

The attempted abductors were strangers to her, she said. Her children are traumatized by what happened, and they do not want to leave their home, Lopez said.

“Mothers have to be careful with their children,” she said. “Always hold their hand when walking with them because there are a lot of evil people, and you never know who is near.”

The incident happened Thursday at about 8:00 p.m. in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens.

The man who ran off with the child is a dark-skinned male, in his 30s, last seen wearing a white shirt, gray shorts, and dark-colored sneakers, a police spokesman told Law&Crime.

Officers released an image of him walking with an older man. There was a man in the passenger seat of the suspect vehicle, but police could not confirm if it was this older man in the vehicle, said the spokesman. In any case, the older suspect is wanted for questioning, the spokesman said.

The older man is light-skinned, has eyeglasses, wore blue jeans, an orange shirt, black shoes, and is 50 to 60, police said.

[Screengrab via NYPD News]

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