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TikTok Star Accused of Murder Admits Spying on His Wife After She Kicked Him out of Their Home


A TikTok star charged with murder admitted to spying on his wife after she kicked him out of the house. Ali Abulaban, 29, spoke to KSWB in Thursday report. He initially danced around answering whether he shot and killed Ana Abulaban, 28, and her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron, 29, but he finally said that he found them and was the person who contacted 911.

Ali Abulaban built an online following for his impression and pop culture videos on TikTok as “JinnKid,” but that’s a moot point now that he’s behind bars. Prosecutors have said Ana told cops in September that he pushed her, and she voiced plans to file for a restraining order. She asked him to leave their apartment in San Diego, California, on Oct. 18. Instead, however, Ali Abulaban allegedly sneaked back into the apartment three days later, and installed an app on his 5-year-old daughter’s iPad so he could spy on the residence, prosecutors said.

Abulaban admitted to KSWB that he spied on his wife.

“Yeah, I was listening in on the house, with the iPad to my phone,” he said. Abulaban claimed he caught his wife on audio with another man.

“‘Oh my God, I caught her, I caught her,'” he said. “Oh my God, oh my God. There’s a man, there’s a man’. And then guess what I hear like a f**king nightmare? R&B music.” Emblematic of an interview that was often tearful, emotional, and melodramatic, he slapped the jail counter twice. “I’m driving and I’m like, ‘Don’t have sex, Ana. Don’t have sex, Ana.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t do it,’ and I’m screaming.”

He claimed to find Ana and Rayburn together.

“To see her kissing Ray on my couch with his feet on my table with my wife,” he said, yelling. “My money, my apartment, my life. In the house that my daughter sleeps in on the furniture that I put together. What do you expect a man to feel? Happy? ‘Welp, I guess that’s the end of my marriage.’ No. That’s my family.”

Abulaban said he did not want any woman except Ana.

“Could anyone else have Ana?” KSWB’s Kelsey Christensen asked.

“Not while she’s married to me,” he said.

Christensen told her colleagues in studio that she wrote to Abulaban, and he called back. Abulaban said that his attorney told him not talk to them, but he said that he wanted to get out his side of the story, according to the reporter.

Authorities said that he confessed the murders to his mother and cops.

“I never admitted to anything,” he said on camera.

Asked if he murdered his wife, he refused to answer.

“Don’t ask me that,” he said. “Don’t ask me that.”

But he claimed that he called 911 on finding his wife shot.

“I found them,” he said.

Abulaban claimed he left to pickup his daughter from school and to get her safe with her dad’s wife’s brother, who lived an hour away. Instead, she was with him in the car when authorities arrested him.

“When I found them my first instinct was to get my daughter for her safety to drop her off at a safe location,” he said. “I wasn’t running away. I wasn’t doing anything. I have nothing to hide.”

He laughed and shook his head on being asked what happened when he found them.

“No?” Christensen said.

“No,” he said, refusing to answer.

Abulaban claimed that the marriage started to fall apart after his wife had him move them out from Virginia to San Diego, and he said that Ana partied too much.

A family member had something to say about Ali’s behavior, however. His cousin Louis Marinari told KSWB  that Abulaban once pulled out a big bag of cocaine.

“Not like a little bag,” Marinari said. “A big bag. And we’re like, ‘What the hell? Are you trying to get us all in trouble?’ He goes, ‘I’m JinnKid, I can do whatever I want. Nobody can touch me. I’m JinnKid.”

Ali Abulaban admitted on camera that he had used cocaine, and said it messed with his brain.

“It made me violent,” he said. “It made me aggressive.”

Even so, he denied that his social media fame changed him.

“My family doesn’t know anything because they never cared,” he said.

Ana’s best friend had some choice words when asked about him.

“He’s a bad guy, there’s nothing good about him,” Cassie Conroy told the outlet. “He’s selfish. That’s all I can say is selfish.”

Ana was reportedly planning to file for a restraining order, and Ali has a history of alleged domestic violence. Conray confirmed this, KSWB said.

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