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‘This Was Just the Last Straw’: Ex-Girlfriend of Former NFL RB Zac Stacy Speaks Out About Shocking Abuse and Fear That ‘He Would Kill Me’

Zac Stacy

Zac Stacy

The ex-girlfriend of former NFL running back Zac Stacy spoke out about Stacy’s arrest Thursday evening following a shockingly graphic attack that allegedly showed the athlete throwing her around her home like a ragdoll in front of their baby son. Kristin Evans said she released video of the attack caught on a surveillance camera in her Tennessee home because she believed it was the only way to put an end to Stacy’s allegedly abusive ways.

zac stacy

“This was just the last straw I would say. I really truly feel that if it continues that he would kill me,” Evans told Orlando Fox affiliate WOFL.

Video of the brutal attack, which allegedly took place in front of Stacy and Evans’ 5-month-old infant son, went viral and led to the former St. Louis Rams and New York Jets player being arrested. He is now facing one count each of aggravated assault and criminal mischief, both felonies.

In the clip (be warned, it’s extremely disturbing), Stacy first appeared to punch Evans twice in the head, leaving her slumped helplessly on the couch with her hands raised in a defense-like posture. Stacy then appeared to reach forward and pick her up by her midsection with both hands and in one motion, he appeared to throw the woman across the room like a ragdoll and sent her crashing into a flatscreen television, which then fell on top of her.

Evans could be heard repeatedly begging for Stacy to stop. But the former fifth-round draft pick appeared to walk over to where Evans landed and proceeded to violently lift her off the floor only to slam her down into a baby walker that collapsed onto her.

Stacy reportedly fled before police arrived on the scene. Evans told WOFL she also fled her home after the attack and went to a “safe place” because she feared Stacy might return.

“Every time the cars pass by, I’m resisting the urge to look and see who it is. I started crying when you walked up because I’m scared you know,” Evans said.

She also said she doesn’t believe Stacy has any remorse for allegedly subjecting her to the brutal thrashing.

“He feels justified in his actions. There’s nothing that anyone could do to justify something like that,” Evans told WOFL.

Evans said she had filed multiple reports against Stacy in the past which she believed authorities overlooked. Claiming that Stacy became steadily more abusive towards her since the birth of their son, Evans said she posted the video to social media in the hope that public outrage would ensure legal consequences for Stacy.

“The state would’ve gotten to it whenever they got to it and maybe I wouldn’t sleep for a month or two or he could get away with a completely,” Evans told the station.

She also started a GoFundMe page with all of the proceeds going towards the Harbor House in Orange County, a safe harbor for victims of domestic violence.

After Stacy was arrested in Florida, Evans said the state should have included additional charges.

“Personally I feel the state should have several more charges, but thank you to everyone who made this possible!!! We are halfway there,” she wrote on Instagram. “Conviction & Sentencing next!”

Based on the current charges against him, Stacy is currently facing a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Colin Kalmbacher contributed to this report.

[image via Orange County Corrections Department]

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