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‘This F***ing B**ch is Still Alive!’: Star Witness Gives Shocking Account of Holly Bobo’s Murder (WATCH)


Thursday afternoon, in the murder trial of Zachary Adams, the prosecution’s star witness, Jason Autry, took the stand. Adams is charged with the murder of teenage girl Holly Bobo. Autry is testifying as part of deal with prosecutors. While on the stand, he acknowledged that he is hoping for leniency in the case in exchange for his testimony, since he has also been charged for his role in Bobo’s death. Autry did, however, point out that he was told he must tell the truth, and assured the court that he would.


Autry began his testimony with how he came to meet up with Adams and two other men connected to the case, Shayne Austin and John Dylan Adams. He met up with them after receiving a message to come help. Autry thought this was in reference to cooking meth, but when he showed up, he found Austin and the Adams brothers, with Zach at the door of a truck. Zach said, “I need to help you bury this body,” Autry stated. Autry said he thought the body was someone named JoJo who owed Zach money, but Zach said it was Holly Bobo. The body was wrapped in a “multicolored farm blanket” inside the truck.


Autry noted that he saw a fire burning in a barrel outside. Autry said it smelled like camp fuel and meth, but he didn’t see what was burning.

Autry agreed to help Zach get rid of the body and told him to meet him at a church. Adams drove the two of them in the truck to a remote location underneath a bridge and made sure no one was around. Autry suggested that they gut Bobo’s body so that it would sink when placed in the water, and be eaten by any sea life.

The two men began carrying the body, when Autry heard a sound come out of the blanket her body was wrapped in.

“This f*ckin’ b*tch is still alive!” Autry said.

At that point, Autry said, Adams took out a pistol and fired. Autry said he didn’t watch the shooting, but that he heard multiple gunshots echo under the bridge. Then, they placed the body back into the truck.

Autry asked Adams how he knew Holly Bobo. Adams said, “Natalie Bobo [Holly’s cousin] was working in a strip club … prostituting for drugs.” Adams said Natalie told Adams that Holly would be in a threesome with them. Adams also said Holly had been to his house before. At that point, however, Adams did not reveal what lead to Adams having Holly’s body in the back of his truck.

Autry admitted that just prior to this, “I had just shot one hell of a load of dope,” but when he heard the gun shots, he was jolted back to his senses. “I realized that this old boy has made some bad mistakes … and his ass was in a bind.”

At this point, Autry said, he and Adams parted ways, and reconvened later in the day.

Autry’s testimony will continue after a court break. Stay with and the LawNewz Network for continuing coverage of the trial.

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