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Pregnant Librarian Drove into Motorcyclist on Purpose and Pulled Gun on Him When He Followed Her Home, Cops Said. The Man Allegedly Shot and Killed Her.


A woman pulled a gun on a motorcyclist shortly after a minor crash, but the man then fatally shot her, according to cops. The investigation continues into how Sara Nicole Morales, 35, died violently in Orange City, Florida one week ago, authorities said. 911 audio from shortly before her death shows her yelling, “You followed me to my house!” and “You are three men, and you followed me!”

“She tried to pull a gun on me!” a man said on audio.

Cops claim the slain woman had hit a motorcyclist on purpose around the 1400 block of N. Volusia Ave. It just a minor crash, they said. The man–identified by police and in media reports as Andrew Derr, 40–did not sustain injuries or get ejected from his vehicle. In any case, he and witnesses tried to get Morales to stop at the intersection of 17-92 and Wisconsin Avenue when she was trying to make a left turn, authorities said.

Morales refused, and the people continued to follow her, they said. From cops:

Verbal contact was made with Morales for her to pull over for the arrival of law enforcement. Morales refused and was able to make the left turn onto E. Wisconsin Ave when traffic permitted.

Morales traveled to 1052 E Wisconsin Ave. Derr and witnesses followed Morales in attempt to help identify her for law enforcement. They stopped in the roadway in front of 1052 E. Wisconsin Ave, calling 911 to have law enforcement respond to this location.

The confrontation escalated as Morales entered her home, and then stepped outside while witnesses and Derr were on the phone with 911, according to the police account. She pointed a handgun at them, cops said.

“Derr having a valid Florida Concealed weapons permit, drew his concealed handgun and fired multiple rounds, striking Morales,” police said. They said Derr cooperated with them. Cops said Monday that they continue to investigate with the State Attorney’s Office.

Officers said they found Morales’s gun at the scene.

She was pregnant, and worked as a Volusia County librarian, according to WOFL.

Body cam footage showed law enforcement approaching Derr with guns drawn.

“That girl tried to kill me,” Derr said, lying prone, arms and legs spread out. “She pointed a gun at me.”

Note: We added that police said they recovered Morales’s gun from the scene.

[Screenshot via Volusia County by way of WKMG]

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