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Porch Pirate Wore Women’s Underwear on Head While Stealing Packages, Police Say

Tulsa police say that's Spencer Gougler on surveillance footage wearing panties on his head during porch pirate incidents. [Mugshot and screenshots via Tulsa Police Department]

Tulsa police say Spencer Gougler is seen on surveillance footage wearing underwear on his head while stealing packages from porches. [Mugshot and screenshots via Tulsa Police Department]

A man accused of stealing packages from peoples’ porches in Oklahoma allegedly wore “women’s underwear” on his head during the commission of his crimes, prompting local police to promote a hashtag that would otherwise seem to point out the obvious

“Porch Pirate with an unusual and questionably effective mask – Arrested,” the Tulsa Police Department announced in a statement issued on Facebook over the weekend.

“#PantiesAreNotaMask,” the statement also said.

The police named Spencer Donovan Gougler as the suspected burglar.

“On 1-6-2023, Riverside Division Street Crimes was made aware of a porch pirate case in the neighborhood at 8100 S. Maybelle Ave,” officers said — an apparently, it wasn’t Gougler’s first time.

According to the cops, they located the suspect’s vehicle using surveillance images, which led to the subsequent discovery that Gougler had allegedly committed prior acts of porch piracy wearing while wearing unmentionables in an inarguably incorrect way. Images released by police show a man wearing what appears to be a pair of red women’s underwear on his head in an apparent attempt to mask his face.

“One of our Street Crimes Officers recognized the suspect from previous porch pirate cases where the suspect was wearing women’s underwear as a mask,” officers wrote.

Cop say they found Gougler’s home and knocked on the door. The suspect was allegedly inside.

“Gougler remained inside the residence and would not talk with Officers,” cops wrote. “Officers with the Gilcrease Division Impact Unit assisted with containing the house, while a search warrant for the residence was obtained.”

When police returned with the warrant, “Gougler exited at the first announcement from officers,” the statement said.

He is now charged with five counts of larceny, one count of knowingly concealing stolen property, and one count of grant larceny.

Online recorded show he was booked into the Tulsa County Jail early Saturday morning. He remains locked up in lieu of $17,000 bond.

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