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Parents of High School Football Player Sue for $50 Million After Teens Allegedly Lured Him into Ambush

Booking photo of Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber.

Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber.

The parents of a high school football player allegedly beaten in an ambush have sued over the attack. The family of Cole Hagan, 16, seeks more than $50 million in damage against teens and parents who they say know or should have known of the plan to attack him.

Ayden Holland, 18, and Logan Huber, 17, allegedly lured Hagan from a party in Lake Jackson, Texas, last month, and Reid Mitchell, 17, ambushed him, authorities have said. According to the civil complaint dated Dec. 23, they told him someone damaged his vehicle.

Mitchell punched Hagan in the face, slammed him to the concrete ground, and elbowed him hard three or four times, authorities have said.

Hagan sustained serious bodily wounds, including traumatic head injuries, and he had to go to the ICU, according to the complaint.

“Cole has now been transferred to a rehabilitation center where he has begun lengthy rehabilitation, including extensive speech and physical therapies,” they wrote. “Further, Cole Hagan has missed and continues to miss his junior year in high school and as a high school athlete, has also missed games and will likely not be able to play sports in either high school or college in the future. Football has been Cole Hagan’s passion for many years.”

There was hostility regarding “the victim’s perceived behavior to some of their female acquaintances,” authorities have said.

It is unclear what this behavior was supposed to be, but Hagan’s parents argue that these claims from Mitchell, Holland, and Huber were false and defamatory.

The plaintiffs claim other students knew about the planned attack but did not stop it, one of them even sending pictures of Cole Hagan to Mitchell to “commence” the plot. Huber, Holland and others were part of the plan, and invited Hagan to the party knowing that Mitchell plotted to attack him, according to the complaint.

Online court records do not name attorneys for the defendants identified, but Huber attorney Scott Brown asserted to Insider that the 17-year-old was manipulated.

“We believe that, unfortunately, he was just an innocent pawn in all of this with no knowledge of exactly what was going to happen, the way that it happened,” he said.

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