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Mystery Man on Video Shot Up Georgia Apartment Complex Two Days in Row Using Semi-Automatic Rifle, Cops Say


Someone has been shooting up an apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia. Police seek the man seen on video in two incidents.

The first shooting happened Sunday, police said in an incident report provided to Law&Crime. That was caught on surveillance footage seen above. A vehicle pulled up in front of the apartment complex at 455 Fulton St. A man stepped out of the vehicle with what appeared to be an semi-automatic rifle. He opened fire for a few seconds, and ran off back to the car. The vehicle drives away.

Cops said a resident told them that she was at home watching TV when a bullet pierced her window, went through her bedroom door, and hit her bathroom wall. Another resident also said a bullet hit his bedroom window. The apartment above that one was also allegedly shot up, but the responding officer said he was able to reach the woman who lived there. She said she was out of town with her kids, and no one was home at the time, according to the report. Two cars were allegedly shot up as well.

Officers discovered 22 shell casings from what apparently was ammunition from a .223 rifle. No injuries were reported from this, or a similar shooting that happened the next morning, however.

The Jeep linked to these incidents is described as a Wrangler with a hard top, tinted windows, and black wheels. The suspect was said to have worn a black pants, black and white shoes, a black T-shirt, and a black skull cap during the first incident. Cops told Law&Crime that there seems to be another person driving the vehicle, since the shooter was getting in and out of the passenger side, but they are unsure about the precise number of occupants.

[Screengrab via Atlanta Police Department]

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