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Murder Defendant Claims in Jailhouse Interview That She Has No Memory of Shooting Another Woman (VIDEO)


A murder defendant in Tennessee claimed in an interview this week that she has no memory of shooting and killing another woman on Saturday.

Lamisha Haynes, 41, is accused of murdering Cuornisha “Kenya” Northington, 38. Haynes asserts that she has no memory of that.

“I don’t remember anything but waking up in jail,” she told WKRN in a jailhouse interview published Monday.

What deputies in Dickson County, Tennessee say happened is that they arrived on Pond Rail Road to find Northington dead behind a home. Haynes shot and killed her, witnesses purportedly said. She was not at the scene, but investigators found her.

To hear Haynes tell it, she did not remember what happened.

“When I tell you you are charged with first degree murder, what goes through your mind?” asked WKRN’s Andy Cordan.

“Pain, tears sorrow for my children,” said Haynes.

Haynes denied owning a gun, and said she did not remember shooting anyone or firing a gun.

“No. I just remember waking up in jail,” she said, repeating her stance. “That’s all I remember, really. I remember getting pulled over, and I remember waking up here.”

Asked why she did not remember, Haynes mentioned that she was high. She had taken cocaine, crystal meth, and a “little bit of alcohol,” she said. She reportedly said investigators would find drugs in her car.

Haynes said she only knew of Northington, and she denied that they were even acquaintances, let alone friends.

Records do not name an attorney for Haynes. The defendant is scheduled to make a first appearance in court on August 11 over Zoom.

[Screenshot via WKRN]

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