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Letecia Stauch Said She Did Not Need Law Library to Represent Herself in Murder Case: Sheriff’s Office


Letecia Stauch

Letecia Stauch, the Colorado woman representing herself in court in the murder of 11-year-old stepson Gannon Stauch, asked to be taken off the law library list in jail, said an official with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said, according to Fox 21 News.

Authorities say the inmate filled a request form for the law library back on March 5, and signed a copy of the law library rules. This was after a judge approved her to go pro se in court. According to officials, she refused to go at her scheduled time on March 30, and again on April 2.

As part of the rules, she cannot chose the time she gets to go, and refusal to go will get her kicked off the list for 90 days. That’s what happened to Stauch on April 8. But apparently, it is a moot point for her. One of the officials said she asked to be taken off the list. She said she did not need it.

Stauch allegedly voiced concern about her scheduled library hours being so early, saying that she worried about drowsiness.

The defendant is accused of killing Gannon in a bloody attack in his bedroom on January 27, 2020, while his dad was out of town for the National Guard. She hid the body, and played off the disappearance as if he went missing while going out to a friend’s home, police said.

Stauch denies wrongdoing. In a February 21 letter to the court, she claimed her defense lawyers were in “cahoots” with the prosecution, that a doctor who examined her was an actress, and that two men were involved in murdering Gannon. She acknowledged having “bouts of insanity, and still do,” but said she did not murder or abuse anyone.

Update – 8:13 p.m.: We added more information about Letecia Stauch’s alleged refusal to go to the library.

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