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Accused Kidnapper Used Fake Name When Dating Victim, Who Then Discovered He Was Married: Deputies

Deputies claim Ocastor Shavon Ferguson kidnapped Kayla Kelley. (Image of Ferguson via Collin County Jail; image of Kelley via Collin County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies claim Ocastor Shavon Ferguson kidnapped Kayla Kelley. (Image of Ferguson via Collin County Jail; image of Kelley via Collin County Sheriff’s Office)

Throughout their relationship, Kayla Kelley, 33, knew Ocastor Shavon Ferguson, 32, only by the name of Kevin Brown, deputies said.

Now Ferguson sits in the Collin County Jail as investigators say the missing woman’s car was found burned out.

Kelley’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Kelley’s friends reported her missing on Jan. 11, deputies said. Kelley had not been heard from by her aunt or co-workers for several days, authorities said.

“During the initial interviews, it was learned Kelley had a boyfriend named ‘Kevin’ and she recently found out he was married,” authorities said. “Kelley told friends she was going to blackmail ‘Kevin.’ Friends and family advised Kelley they did not want to talk to her about dating a married man, so no one had any further information about ‘Kevin.'”

The next day, police in Frisco, Texas, discovered her vehicle on a deserted county road.

“The car had been burned beyond recognition and the incident was not consistent with a natural fire,” deputies wrote.

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Deputies said they checked out her duplex in McKinney, Texas, a city 30 minutes away from Frisco. They found her dog.

“The dog was without food and water and had to relieve itself on the floor,” authorities wrote. “It appeared the dog had been in that condition for a few days. Family and relatives advised the dog was like Kelley’s child and she would never leave it unattended for an extended period of time.”

Ferguson landed on their radar when they checked Kenney’s phone records, investigators said. They ran a background check, claiming to discover that his wife reported their 2004 Lexus stolen. Authorities said they found that vehicle “in the area of Kelley’s duplex.”

They executed a search warrant, allegedly finding gloves, duct tape, and a blanket in the Lexus.

The last time Kelley’s phone was used was on Jan. 10 at 6:59 p.m., authorities said.

“The last location of her phone was in the area of Ferguson’s work in the Dallas area,” they wrote. “NTTA [North Texas Tollway Authority] records were also obtained which showed Kelley’s vehicle traveling north on Dallas North Tollway in Frisco at Eldorado on January 10th, 2023 at approximately [1:56 a.m.].”

Deputies said they found Ferguson at his job, and he allegedly said the last time he spoke to the missing woman was Jan. 10, when she dropped him off for his job around noon. Kelley was supposed to bring him lunch at 6 p.m. that day, but he allegedly said she did not show up.

“Ferguson advised his car was at Kelley’s duplex because he was hiding it from his wife,” authorities wrote.

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Deputies claim he let them search his phone.

“In those [text] conversations, Kelley advised Ferguson that she will tell his wife about their affair if he doesn’t answer her,” authorities wrote.

Ferguson allegedly admitted he went by the name Kevin in communicating with Kelley to keep his true identity a secret.

“Ferguson said he lied about his name to Kelley so she did not know his true identity,” records stated.

Deputies said he gave an outline of their relationship.

“They met online and started talking and eventually met in person and started dating during the summer of 2022,” deputies said.

Authorities said they spoke to Ferguson’s wife. She allegedly said that she got a text from an unknown number on Jan. 4, with this person saying they needed to tell her something, according to the outlet. She did not respond, though she believed it was a woman based on the language used.

“The wife’s phone was broken so she was unable to provide the number she received the text messages from,” authorities wrote.

Deputies said that cell phone records from Jan. 10 put Ferguson at both Kelley’s duplex and also the location her car was found.

“The analysis showed Ferguson was at work on January 10th and left and went to his residence in Grand Prairie, Texas,” deputies said. “He then left and drove up Dallas North Tollway and went to the area of Kelley’s duplex and then drove to the area where Kelley’s vehicle was found burned. Ferguson then travelled back to his house in Grand Prairie.”

Ferguson allegedly denied being in the area where the vehicle was found. He also denied knowing what happened to it.

“Ferguson did affirm he was driving the vehicle during this timeframe and advised Kelley was in the back while he was driving,” deputies wrote.

He allegedly maintained that he did not know Kelley’s whereabouts or her condition.

Authorities suggest the kidnapping happened sometime between Jan. 8 and 10.

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“The ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Kayla Kelley has identified 32-year-old Ocastor Ferguson, (aka/Kevin Brown), as a person of interest,” deputies said in announcing Ferguson’s arrest.

Sheriff’s investigators arrested Ferguson on Saturday on a kidnapping charge.

Authorities ask that anyone with information about Kelley’s disappearance to call investigators at (972) 547-5100 or texting 847411.

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