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‘I’m the Expert Here’: Letecia Stauch Wants to Represent Herself Against Charge That She Murdered Stepson Gannon Stauch


Letecia Stauch

Colorado woman Letecia Stauch, 37, wants to represent herself against the charge that she murdered her stepson Gannon Stauch, 11, she said at a hearing on Friday.

The judge argued that an attorney would have more experience, and could help her, according to KKTV reporter Spencer Wilson.

“I’ve come to find that the word expert doesn’t hold much value, and I’m the expert here,” Stauch said in reply.

This sums up the dynamic in the hearing. The judge tried to talk her out of representing herself. She insisted she could handle it, and touted her poker skills.

Authorities said Stauch killed the child at their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado on January 27, 2020 while the father was out of town. It was alleged that she moved the victim’s body, which was later discovered in Florida. The defendant allegedly tried to play off the disappearance as Gannon going missing while heading to a friend’s house. Investigators said, however, that they discovered evidence of blood spatter on the walls, blood stains on the boy’s mattress, blood soaking the carpet, and blood staining the concrete under his bed.

For her part, Stauch allegedly gave shifting stories, failing to recall the names of the friends in question or the friends’ parents. She is accused of repeatedly lying in the investigation, falsely reporting a rape, and disconnecting her cell phone for an extended period of time.

The defendant maintained on Friday that she had evidence that could prove her innocence.

Again, the judge voiced skepticism. Again, Stauch insisted she could succeed. She maintained her attorneys were fine, but complained that the jail got in the way of her receiving evidence.

In the end, the defendant got her way, with the judge noting that, under the law, what matters is whether Stauch understood what she was doing. (She has been found competent for trial.) The next step is making sure Stauch can get discovery.

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