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Doctor Allegedly Gave Patient Laughing Gas and Tequila Before Raping Her While She Was Sedated

Eric Andrew Salata

Eric Andrew Salata

A doctor is accused of sexually abusing two patients he drugged for painful procedures, according to cops in Naples, Florida.

Eric Andrew Salata, 54, also allegedly gave one of his victims a liquid that she believed to be tequila.

The first of the victims was a 51-year-old woman, authorities said. According to the arrest affidavit, she went to the Pura Vida Medical Spa on Oct. 22.

“Victim 1 reported that she was raped by Dr. Eric Salata during her procedure,” police wrote.

Salata allegedly prescribed her the depressant Alprazolam the day before her appointment and told her to take it when she arrived for her procedure. He warned her the procedure was “excruciatingly painful and would take three to four hours,” officers said.

She said she followed his direction to take the Alprazolam.

Dr. Salata, the only person in the room during her procedure, administered laughing gas for the pain, she said in the arrest affidavit. This and the Alprazolam made it so “she wasn’t in her right mind.”

Salata allegedly grabbed her privates and and shook it “with force.” He let go when she asked if he was touching her vagina, according to the affidavit.

“Victim 1 stated she used more laughing gas because she was in so much pain,” cops said. “Victim 1 stated Dr. Salata told her he had experienced the procedure too and knows how painful it is, and he drinks whisk[e]y to help with the pain.”

She said she did not drink whiskey, and Salata offered her tequila, officers said.

“Dr. Salata provided Victim 1 with an unknown clear liquid that she believed to be tequila, and she drank it,” officers said.

The woman “blacked out.” The next thing she remembered were separate moments in which Salata was sexually assaulting and raping her.

“My brain won’t let me do it,” she said in the second instance.

“You’re a smart girl,” Salata allegedly said.

She said she blacked out again.

The second victim was a 72-year-old woman. She said she had an appointment on a Monday. Salata allegedly offered her laughing gas after she experienced pain from a procedure. She said she agreed to take it.

“Victim 2 felt like Dr. Salata was ‘cranking that up,'” police said in reference to the laughing gas.

This allegedly progressed Salata raping her, leaving a bruise on her lip where he kissed her.

“Victim 2 stated she couldn’t believe it because she was almost 73,” cops said.

The women each underwent a rape kit, officers said.

Salata asked for a lawyer after he was arrested and taken to a police interview room, officers said.

He faces two counts of sexual battery by a person 18 years old or older on a victim 18 years old or older. Salata posted a $200,000 bond out of Collier County Jail on Tuesday. He has no attorney of record.

[Mugshot via Naples Police Department]

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