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Disturbing Video Caught Moment Florida Murder Suspect Showed Off Ears He Allegedly Removed from Grandfather


Warning: Video is disturbing

Disturbing footage out of Lake County, Florida showed a man apparently showing off the detached ears of the grandfather he allegedly murdered. Kolby Allen Parker, 30 was arrested back on Saturday. Body cam video backed up deputies’ account that he lunged at one of them after the surreal display of the body parts.

As previously reported, deputies said the defendant stabbed his grandfather Ronald Wells Sr., 77, to death at their home. Parker claimed they had been smoking marijuana when the older man attacked him with a knife. He allegedly asserted he killed the victim in self-defense. Authorities called B.S. on that. The defendant faces charges including second-degree murder.

Deputies said they found Wells dead on the front porch, with horrific injuries including four stab wounds to the chest, and a “partial degloving” (removal of the skin) to the right forearm. As seen on video, deputies had Parker sit on the open tailgate of a pickup truck.

The scene was tense from the beginning. Early on, the man identified as Parker made a short, aborted lunge out of the truck before deputies told him to sit down.

“Sit your ass back down,” said an official. Parker did, but the scene continued to escalate.

“Can I see your gun, bro?” Parker asked a deputy later on.

“No,” said the deputy.

There was a beat of silence.

“I wasn’t hearing shit, was I?” a colleague asked.

“No,” said the deputy.

Deputies discussed the whereabouts of a man they referred to as “junior.” He was identified in the criminal complaint as Parker’s uncle.

As seen on video, the defendant responded by pulling objects from his pockets.

“Ronnie, and Ronnie Jr. are right here,” the suspect said.

“What is that?” said the deputy by Parker’s side.

“Those are ears,” said a colleague.

The encounter in question begins after the 5:30-mark in the video above.

As seen on footage, deputies previously performed a pat-down of the suspect. According to the criminal complaint, an officer noted objects in the suspect’s pockets that were soft to the touch but firm. He did not remove these at the time.

After the reveal of the ears, the deputy by Parker’s side took pictures, and took the objects from the suspect. As seen on video, the deputy continued to question the defendant on the whereabouts of junior, and whether there was anyone else inside the house.

At one point, Parker lunged at a deputy. Authorities struggled with him during the arrest, resulting in a mass of bodies on the ground. That happens at the 7-minute mark. The other charges against the defendant include two counts each of battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting with violence.

Records show no attorney of record; Parker declined a public defender. Arraignment is set for April 5.

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[Screengrab via Lake County Sheriff’s Office]

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