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Defendant in Georgia Golf Course Killings Was Arrested for DUI and Released Soon After He Allegedly Killed Three Men (VIDEO)


Newly released video shows how police had their hands on a man who allegedly had just killed three men found dead in a neighboring county. As previously reportedBryan Anthony Rhoden, 23, was arrested for an alleged July 3 DUI in DeKalb County, Georgia. Video shows him polite but claiming ignorance about officers finding loads of cash in the car he was driving.

The interaction came just hours after someone shot golf pro Gene Siller at the Pinetree Country Club in nearby Cobb County. Police believe Siller walked in on an ongoing crime scene. California man Henry Valdez, 46, and Kansas man Paul Pierson, 76, were found dead in the back of Pierson’s white Dodge Ram pickup truck, which was leaning into a sand trap on the tenth hole of the golf course, authorities said.

Rhoden appears polite and soft spoken but nervous during the traffic stop seen on video.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said when the officers told him he had his lights off. He apologized again when told that his vehicle tag flew up. “It’s a temporary tag, I’m sorry,” he said in the video obtained by WAGA-TV.

The situation became a bit bizarre after officers allegedly discovered loads of cash, jewelry and multiple ID cards. Rhoden allegedly claimed the cache was for a rap video but eventually did a 180, claiming he did not see any money.

“I don’t remember having money today,” he said.

One of the officers suggested to another that this could have been a bribe attempt.

“He said it’s $8,000, but then he’s like, ‘Well, there’s no money,'” he reportedly said. “‘I just want to go home.’ Is that indicating like, he’s trying to bribe me?”

Rhoden allegedly blew a .05 BAC at the police station and would post bond on July 6.

Bryan Rhoden is seen in a Cobb County, Ga. jail mugshot.

Bryan Rhoden is seen in a Cobb County, Ga. jail mugshot.

It took time for the authorities to realize that Rhoden was allegedly linked to the golf course slayings.

He would end up finally getting arrested for the triple homicide on July 8. According to authorities, Chamblee police officers in DeKalb County asked him to come back to the station, where the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force took him into custody. This time, he has no bond. His attorney of record in the murder case did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

[Screenshot via WAGA; booking photo via Cobb County Jail]

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