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‘He Would Find Ways to Sneak Me Into Closets’: Arrest Report Builds Sex Assault Case Against ‘Dances With Wolves’ Actor


Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse (mugshot via AP News)

“Dances With Wolves” actor Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse was arrested by Las Vegas police Tuesday night on charges of sex trafficking, sexual assault of a child younger than 16, and child abuse, according to jail records.

The Native American actor, and alleged cult leader, is accused of sexually assaulting young girls for more than 20 years, according to police. One of the alleged victims told police he had sex with her dozens of times and “he would find ways to sneak me into closets.”

SWAT reportedly swarmed his Las Vegas home he allegedly shares with his six wives and was later taken into custody.

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In his arrest report, Las Vegas police identified at least six alleged victims and claims against Chasing Horse that date back to the early 2000s in Montana, South Dakota, and Nevada. Police said Chasing Horse portrayed himself as a “Holy Man” or “Medicine Man” and “gained the trust of indigenous families and their children by using Native tradition, spiritual ceremony, and a historical belief system to bring together a sense of cultural identity that has otherwise been diluted by modern America. Upon earning this trust, Nathan Chasing Horse used his position to lure vulnerable young girls, often giving them a sense of belonging, to commit sexual assault; his spiritual power and influence, inhibited their ability to discern cultural significance, tradition, and spiritual beliefs from tools and tactics utilized by a sexual perpetrator.”

Chasing Horse told his alleged victims that spirits wanted them to have sex with him, and once they did, they’d be part of “The Circle,” which is a suspected cult. Las Vegas investigators described “The Circle” as:

“The Circle is alleged by many in the Native American community to be a cult, as it often practices unethical rituals, standards of living and beliefs. Much of this stems from Nathan’s practice of acquiring multiple wives, many of whom investigators believe were forced to engage in sexual intercourse with Nathan as minors.”

Chasing Horse targeted girls from single-parent homes without father figures, groomed them, abused them and would give them emergency contraceptive pills after having sex with them, according to his arrest report. The victims also told investigators about “Phoenix Tears,” a high-concentrated dose of THC, that he stored in his home and would give to patients, wives, or friends. When police searched his home, they found marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, and cannabis extract.

The alleged victims claim Chasing Horse would record their assaults on a black Android. Police recovered several electronic devices from his house with images and videos consistent with child sex abuse, according to the arrest report.

Multiple victims said Chasing Horse would pass them off to his “bros,” forcing them to have sex with many men. In the arrest report, the young girls said Chasing Horse would arrange encounters with other, older men at hotels including The Santa Fe Hotel and Casino, and The Cannery Hotel and Casino.

Police also found a partially stuffed bald eagle, bald eagle wings, a bald eagle head and a lunchbox containing dismembered bald eagle parts in Chasing Horse’s home. It is illegal to possess, sell, hunt, or even offer to sell, hunt, or possess bald eagles. This includes their feathers, nests, eggs, or body parts.

Born on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, Chasing Horse is known for his roles in “Into the West,” “DreamKeeper” and “The Red Man’s View.”

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Investigators believe there are more alleged victims and encourage them to come forward and make a report.

Las Vegas detectives can be reached at 702-828-3111.

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