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Connecticut Man Sexually Assaulted Young Girl More Than a Dozen Times, Pulled Down Her Pants as She Was Sleepwalked: Affidavit


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Warning: this story contains graphic details of the sexual abuse that will be disturbing to readers.

A 64-year-old Connecticut man is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl “approximately 15 times” from the time the victim was 7 years old to when she was 8 and a half years old. Brian Joseph Webb turned himself in on Oct. 26 after warrants for his arrest were issued, according to Connecticut State Police.

Detective Christopher Hubbard with the Connecticut State Police wrote in affidavit that the victim, now a 9-year-old old girl, said the alleged abuse was first reported to the Department of Children and Families on July 27, 2020. The victim told her aunt during a visit that Brian Webb had “touched her in an inappropriate and weird way,” as the affidavit put it.

The aunt asked the girl what she meant and the victim said that Webb “touched her vagina and buttock’s area, and that it was taking place for a long time.” The aunt then told “Witness #1” about what the girl said. Witness #1 was described as an adult female the victim has resided with, along with older siblings, in Woodstock, Connecticut since the victim was 9 months old.

The affidavit said that, days after the initial report, the victim sat down for an interview and recounted being molested by Webb.

“Victim #1 was reluctant to talk about being touched inappropriately, then asked if she was allowed to tell, and said the she was not sure if her mother would let her tell,” the affidavit said. “Victim #1 then said that Brian Webb was weird and described an incident where her cousins were over, where she walked in on him being inappropriate with her younger cousin.”

The victim said that Webb touched a 4-year-old girl “on her genitals and buttocks and explained that she told her mother about this incident,” documents said.

From here, the victim recalled in disturbing detail grooming behavior and a series of sexual assaults that Webb allegedly committed against her over a two-year period. Here is one excerpt, which suggests that Brian Webb gave the victim melatonin knowing it would make her sleepwalk and give him an opportunity to sexually abuse the victim:

Victim #1 described another indictment when she in her pool and Brian Webb would hold her “private area” on the water jet coming into the pool. Victim #1 described that the water tickled her when Brian Webb did this. When Victim #1 talked about her private area, she pointed to her genitals. Victim #1 described that sometimes during the night she would wake up and Brian Webb was trying to make her touch his privates. Victim #1 then pointed to her front genital area when referring to the area Brian Webb was trying to make her touch. Victim #1 explained that when Brian Webb realized she was waking up, he would leave the room. Victim #1 then asked if the walls in the interview room were sound proof and gave the reasoning that Brian Webb touches her because she is favorite. Victim #1 explained that sometimes she sleepwalks and when she waked up, she catches Brian Webb pulling her pants down. Victim #1 explained that when she sleepwalking, she goes into Brian Webb’s bedroom because that is where she throws up and he gives her medication so that she can go back to bed. Victim #1 recalled there was one time when she was sleeping with Brian Webb; he tried having sex with her and that she told her mom what he was doing to her a million times. Victim #1 would not say the word sex, but spelled it out and wrote the word down on the paper in the in the interview room and circled it, later referring to sex as “circle.” Victim #1 explained that she thought Brian Webb had sex with her because he used to have sex with her mom and was used to it. Victim #1 explained that she takes melatonin and that it makes her sleepwalk. When asked who gives her the melatonin, Victim #1 explained that Brian Webb did. Victim #1 then stated that she did not trust Brian Webb because he did that stuff to her.

The details only get even more graphic from here:

brian webb affidavit

brian webb affidavit

After his arrest, Webb was released on bond. He was arraigned Tuesday and faces charges for illegal sexual contact with a minor with a victim under age 16, criminal attempt sex with a victim under age 13, and fourth-degree sexual assault of a victim under the age of 16.

[Image via Connecticut State Police]

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