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Another Man Caught on Camera Licking a Stranger’s Doorbell (VIDEO)


It seems like “man licks doorbell” is becoming a new genre of crime. Home surveillance video out of Florida shows a stranger licking the doorbell. Available reporting shows that this happened in Lake Worth, Florida.

The camera is positioned right where the man seems to make contact, so it provide a very clear–too clear–view of the individual’s nose and facial hair. We saw it, and now you have to as well. The individual is seen holding and intermittently pointing at what seems to be a stack of magazines, or something like them.

Mind you, this is completely unrelated to another incident in Salinas, California. Surveillance footage caught a man licking a doorbell for three hours. That wasn’t a typo. He really liked that doorbell.

The circumstances surrounding the Florida incident aren’t entirely clear. Available reporting on the incident largely focuses on the video itself.

The footage contains a stamp for the site, however. In a post dated January 24, 2019, someone identified the licker by his first name, and said he is homeless.

“He’s asked my husband for cigarettes a few times but now he’s coming around way to [sic] much,” this person wrote. This individual said they told the police about it. Law&Crime reached out to local law enforcement for more information.

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