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AMBER Alert Tragically Ends with Father Stabbing 1-Year-Old Daughter and Taking His Own Life, Authorities Say

Alexander Ordoñez Barrios and Leylani Ordoñez

Alexander Ordoñez Barrios and Leylani Ordoñez

A Texas AMBER Alert ended in tragedy this week. After the reported abduction, Alexander Ordoñez Barrios, 24, allegedly stabbed his daughter Leylani Ordoñez, 1, and took his own life.

“I’d never thought he would be the type to hurt her,” the girl’s mother, who did not want to be identified, told KTRK. “When we split up, he wasn’t mentally stable, talking about killing himself. I didn’t want my daughter around that.”

The woman said she broke up with Ordoñez Barrios about two months before. He had not been working. So when she was out at work, she let him care for the child. That ended when the father began to threaten his own life. The mother got a babysitter, and she did not let the father near their daughter anymore, she said.

All of that came to a tragic conclusion on Tuesday. Cops in Rosenberg, Texas, said they responded at about 5:51 p.m. regarding an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It was at the Riverside Auto Collision Center.

“The owner of the business reported he was stabbed multiple times and his tow truck was stolen by a former employee,” officers said. “The victim was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive.”

That former employee was Ordoñez Barrios, and his next stop was the babysitter’s home, authorities said.

“Ordoñez Barrios left the scene in the stolen tow truck and drove to an apartment complex (810 Brooks Avenue) in Rosenberg and forced his way into an apartment where his one-year-old daughter was being cared for by a babysitter,” cops said. “Ordoñez Barrios forcefully took one-year-old Leylani Ordonez, and left the apartment in the stolen tow truck. ”

According to the mother in the KTRK report, the babysitter called her at around 6 p.m. on Tuesday to say that Ordoñez Barrios “came in, shoved her, and grabbed the baby.”

“It was kind of cold because it was raining, and he didn’t let her put a jacket on or anything,” she said. “He just took her.”

Authorities put out an AMBER Alert for the daughter and father. Ordoñez Barrios was believed to be driving a truck from the Riverside company.

Cops in Sugar Land, Texas, said they found the vehicle. A chase ensued. Ordoñez Barrios led cops through Fort Bend County for 45 minutes, officers said. Police used spike strips, ending the pursuit.

Ordoñez Barrios stepped out of the vehicle with his daughter, according to cops. It was too late for both of them. He had allegedly stabbed her and himself.

“When Ordoñez Barrios exited the vehicle with Leylani, it was apparent that he caused significant injuries to her as well as himself,” cops said. “Officers quickly rushed to provide life-saving measures to both the child and suspect. Leylani was rushed to local hospital where she was declared deceased as a result of multiple stab wounds. Ordonez Barrios was also transported and declared deceased at the hospital as a result of self-inflicted injuries.”

“It is astonishing how many lives can be devastated by the actions of one individual,” Police Chief Jonathan White said. “We are deeply saddened by the tragic events that transpired, our thoughts are with Leylani Ordoñez’ family and we wish those affected at Riverside Towing a speedy recovery. I would like to thank FBCSO, SLPD, and DPS for their assistance with this tragedy. I’m saddened by the details of this case and ask that you keep the family and first responders that witnessed this event in your prayers.”

“Part of me didn’t think he would hurt her because he’s her dad,” the mother told KTRK. “But part of me also didn’t know what he was capable of.”

A GoFundMe campaign to pay for Leylani’s funeral raised $6,286 of a $5,500 goal as of Thursday.

[Images via Texas Department of Public Safety]

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